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Land in Pastrovacka gora

Montenegro Pastrovacka gora

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The property is located at 650 m above sea level. It is over 100,000 in size. Most of the property is pastures and part of the property is also under forest. There are 2 old houses on the property which have been drawn up and registered in the cadastre and there is an threshing floor on the property. From the property (from the same point) there is a panoramic view of Lake Skadar and on the other side beautiful sea view -Buljarica.
The property is located 5 minutes from the main road Podgorica - Petrovac, precisely Pastrovacka Gora. The property also has 2 springs. The property is suitable for rural tourism.
Check out this drone video of the land;

Price is 10 eur - 1m2.

Bedrooms: 0 Bathrooms: 0 Not furnished Land 100000 sq. m Floor: 0 / 0 Year built: – QOJ-211223